Ethics and Malpractice

April 5, 2023

The journal accepts only original work that meets academic standards and that has not been submitted for publication (at the same time) to other journals.

Authors are required to send a Submission Form to acknowledge the article is fully theirs, that the submission hasn’t been published before in any other journal and that they do not make use of other sources than those mentioned in Bibliography.

The Editors have the right to verify if articles meet these conditions and others related to proper research practices and check upon plagiarism or copyright issues.

The journal pays attention to all matters regarding the integrity of the published content and ask authors to submit only unpublished original research, provide true and correct factual information and data, cite clearly all sources, disclose any possible conflict of interest and funding related to the research submitted and have permission for materials taken from other sources. The author will inform the editors about duplicate publications (the paper will clearly state any overlap). 

The journal asks editors, authors and peer-reviewers to take full responsibility for their actions and comply with academic best practice. The Editors are committed to publish quality papers and offer the authors a transparent and unbiased peer-reviewing process.  Synthesis adheres to the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors (Committee on Publication Ethics, 2011) and will immediately and irrevocably cease collaboration with editors, authors or peer-reviewers who break the academic code of conduct. We expect all parties involved in the publishing process to fully respect the integrity of content assumed by the review and fairly contribute to the publication process.