Peer Review Policies

April 5, 2023

Peer Review Process

Before peer review (in a first reading), the Editorial Board will check if the submitted manuscript is within journal’s scope, meets academic standards (clarity of language, no plagiarism, no previous publication), states a feasible research proposal, uses appropriate methods, includes recent research, and offers new conclusions.

The Editorial Board will make a final decision based on the recommendation of two independent national or international reviewers. A competent and unbiased opinion on a manuscript shall be given by reviewers with an exhaustive knowledge of the subject and methodology.

Peer reviews are usually submitted within eight weeks. In their statements, the reviewers have a responsibility to provide arguments for their recommendation or rejection of a manuscript. Their possible suggestions for revision will be forwarded anonymously to the manuscript author. If the two reviewers will make opposing assessments regarding a manuscript, the Editorial Board will request an opinion from a third reviewer. In case of positive responses from both peer reviewers, the manuscript will be accepted for publication.

Book reviews are not submitted to a peer review process. The Editorial Board makes a decision on publishing the book reviews based on the relevance of the book and on the quality of the text itself (clarity of language, accurate description, pertinent arguments).