December 15, 2010


Name: Ioana Costa


Citation Recommendation: COSTA, Ioana. ‟Elements of ancient epistolography”. Synthesis, no. XXXVII, 2010, pp. 11-17
Pages: 11-17.
Language: English
URL: https://synthesis.ro/pdf/2010/XXXVII/2_I_Costa.pdf


The letter is defined inside the co-ordinates of certain elements, among which the most obvious are the formulae in the beginning and in the end. We might consider this as the primary frame of the letter, that is compulsory, setting the space and time borders as much as the human relationship. The communication established through a letter may be a clear and open one, explicitly achieved, or, on the contrary, a secret communication, closed to anyone but the individuals that are inside the relationship set by the primary frame.


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