The Case of Dorin Tudoran. The Poetry of Exile and the Exile of Poetry

December 19, 2023


Name: Senida POENARIU
Affiliation: Transylvania University of Brașov


Citation Recommendation: Poenariu, Senida. “The Case of Dorin Tudoran. The Poetry of Exile and the Exile of Poetry”. Synthesis, XLII (2023): 61-71.
Pages: 61-71
Language: English


This essay traces the evolution of Dorin Tudoran’s poetics, the mutations from one volume to another, starting from the hypothesis that the theme of exile is defining for all the poet’s work. I have tried to capture the stages of this exile, its points of departure and expression, Dorin Tudoran’s relationship with the political system, and, above all, the causes that generated an inversion in the natural order: Tudoran’s entire work seems to be the product of a biographical event that, from a diachronic point of view, marks only the author’s last volume. How poetry prefigured biography in the case of Dorin Tudoran calls for a conceptualization of “exile” beyond its basic meaning, that of crossing (willingly or unwillingly) geographical boundaries

Key-words: exile; internal exile; rupture; subversion; foreigner


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DOI: 10.59277/synthe.2023.1-2.61

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